The Art of Love

Write the vision and make it plain that they who read may run with it.  I have raised up this ministry to be a hands on ministry.  I will use you to go into places that I would not ordinarily be able to get into.  I will use you to create a thirst in the hearts of the people you visit to want more of me and my love. They will see in you a peace and tranquility that passes human understanding.  They will rest in your love.  I will use you to create an atmosphere for my holiness to dwell.  The purity of your speech will cause many to understand the simplicity of a relationship with their Creator and Maker.  I am moving on the face of the earth to draw as many as are willing into my eternal glory and rest.

Be encouraged for your labor of love is not in vain.  Concentrate on that which I have set before you.  Give yourself to it with great relish and enjoyment.  It is of me.  I will go in with you and stand tall in you to bring about eternal purposes. Walk by faith not by sight.  I have given you tremendous favor and have already opened many doors for you to go through.  Be confident that I have hedged you about with my eternal glory – my holy presence that causes all creation to bow before Me.

Joy and gladness are your portion in this work.  All your needs are met in Christ Jesus your LORD.  You will not suffer loss but shall gain in every aspect of this ministry.  Love is indeed an art and I will teach you the very intricacies of love.  I have birthed this vision through prayer and will nurture it through my prophetic Word which you will receive on a continual basis.  I will train you in the way it should go so it won’t depart from me through the gift of teaching and preach over it to instill great trust and faith.

Again, I say be encouraged.  Every fruit and gift needed has been made available so that victory is assured.  Rest in my love and abiding presence. Know that I have given this to you as your portion in the land.  Be still and know that I AM the Sovereign One of Israel and that I have loved you with an everlasting love.  You are the apple of my eye and the delight of my heart.  Stand tall in me.  Be bold and very courageous for it is I who go before you to prepare the way of salvation for many lost and wounded souls.

All is well.  It is done.  I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending of days.  Go forth to both conquer and subdue and lift a righteous standard of holiness.  Go in my Name, my power, and my grace.  All is well!!!  I love you with an exceeding great love.  Amen, Amen & Amen

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