Ordered Path

Write the vision and make it plain that she who reads may run with it. I am the Sovereign One of Israel. I have called you by name. My hand is upon you to do whatsoever I please. I have called you unto myself to fulfill my unique and divine purposes upon you and through you. You have been graced with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. There is no lack within you. I have divinely decreed and ordered the path of life for you to walk on. You will fulfill divine destiny and not be afraid or terrified by those things coming upon the earth.

Your life is completely in harmony with my will for you. Your whole spirit, soul and body is preserved blameless before me. You will walk as an oracle and mouth of God, speaking his words from a pure and sincere heart. There will be no defilement in you. The words that I speak through you are spirit and life, tearing down strongholds and establishing righteousness in my chosen places of worship.

Keep close to me and I will keep you in the hour of trouble, the time of Jacob’s trouble. Be still and know I am he your soul loves, your exceeding great reward the lifter of your head, your source of rejoicing. I am for you and am fighting all your battles, strengthened in the inner man, growing day by day in wisdom and favor with both God and man, conquering every fear through the name of Jesus the Christ.

Rest in the love I have filled you in. Be encouraged and know that all is well. Keep on looking to me the one who has begun a good work in you. The Joy giver. All is well. Amen and Amen

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