Be Careful of Scratching Itching Ears – Wanting the Truth of God

In a dream, I was standing outside the church. There was a woman inside the church on the phone.  She was talking to somebody about how she was going to destroy me. My daughter ran out the church to warn me that the woman was going to put poison in my water.  Then the woman came out the church. Although knowing what my daughter had just said, I still greeted her with a “hi”. She threw the poison in my mouth. (God had put a hedge of protection in my mouth.) She got excited because she thought she had destroyed me. She was waiting for me to die. I was praying in the spirit, “Lord God, don’t let none of the residue go down my throat”, and He didn’t.

Interpretation of dream:

The woman on the phone – God has the wheat and the tare together. She being on the phone represented a direct line. You have to watch as well as pray who you allow in your spiritual ear. Beware of the wolf that’s dressed in sheep’s clothing. Warning comes before destruction. Don’t find it strange who will allow the enemy to use them. Don’t forget what Job’s wife told Job, curse your God and die. Don’t forget David’s wife told him, it don’t take all that. Don’t forget Peter who denied Jesus. Find it not strange, it could be your own child, for He said in the last and evil days, daughters would be against mothers, and sons against fathers and fathers against sons.  We see the signs. Water represents the Word, the Spirit. Be careful whose well you are drinking from. Make sure it’s not contaminated. Make sure that there’s an anointing with the word that you’re receiving. Gifts come without repentance, but the anointing will destroy the yokes. So, be careful what you receive and what you say.

(Prophetess Ehmeiah)

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