Speak Well

Don’t be afraid to speak well over your children that have found favor in my sight and my grace is upon their lives.  Continue to encourage them in the LORD and watch them flourish in my courts.  They don’t mind hearing Godly counsel and receiving wise instructions.

Keep being faithful to my Word and they will follow hard after me and pant for me as the deer pants for the water.  Their souls will thirst after me and I will come and refresh them with rivers of living water gushing forth up out of them. They are my chosen seed and I have sanctified them unto myself and called them by name and sealed them by my Spirit.

Hold fast to your confidence in who I am and keep looking toward the hills from where your help comes from, for I am your Exceeding Great Reward and the lifter of your head.  All is indeed well.  I have you in the palm of my hand.

Shalom!  My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives but an eternal peace that reaches unto the heavens.  Stay encouraged and keep looking up for I am near.  Amen and Amen





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