Prostitute Heart

I made my heart into a prostitute without knowing it.

I remember the first time I gave it to another,

I was just curious,

Just wanted to know how it felt to have someone else hold it.

Soon it grew attached

And the heart that I thought I just loaned out

I couldn’t get back.

But then the same loving hands that once tenderly held my heart

Dropped it.

My heart shattered

Into a million pieces all over the ground.

I swept up all of the pieces and put them together in a jar.

And the jar into a box,

And the box into a chest,

My chest.

I locked it away because it was ugly.

It had to be ugly, hideous.

Why else would it get dumped like filth?

I blocked every attempt of the Father to reach it,

I told it daily that it didn’t deserve love.

I hoped it would die.

It longed for love, from anyone.

So it broke away from my chest

And sought anyone that would hold it like it had been before.

It went from one to the next

Collecting their dirt each time.

It hoped that it could exchange its purity for


After being with so many people unprotected

My heart was headed Straight Towards Death


It still went out, thirsting for the next touch.

Screaming out

“Take me, I’m cheap, I’m easy, please take ME!”

Infecting other hearts with each interaction.

It was dirty, filthy, and unclean,

The organ version of Mary Magdalene.

My heart was a prostitute

And loneliness was its pimp.


Seeing worth in my filth,

Treasure in my dirt,

And purity in something that was unclean,

As only He can

Rescued my heart.

He made my heart into the woman at the well,

And revealed everything it ever did.

It was made whole like the crippled woman in the synagogue,

He healed me when no one else wanted to try.

My heart long to be near Jesus like the woman with an issue of blood,

Crawling through the dirt just to reach His garment.

And so my heart washed Jesus’s feet with pain filled tears,

And Jesus blessed it exceedingly.

He took my dirty heart,

That couldn’t pump any good thing.

The heart that was so clogged with pride and fear,

The heart that had flat-lined long ago.

He took this heart and revived it.

He took this heart and washed it in His blood.

He took this heart and overflowed it with His unconditional love.

I gave my heart to God,

So the only way you can get close to my heart

Is by getting close to God.

Otherwise, our relationship is nothing but surface,

Strictly “hello” and “goodbye”.

He took my heart and married it.

He changed my heart from being a

Hoe into a housewife.

(By John Harper)

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