Brotherly Love

You are my Philadelphia (brotherly love) church.  Revelation 3:8-12, in whom I am well pleased.  For today I sanctify you unto myself and have called you out for a high and noble work of restoring joy into my people’s lives, causing them to rise up out of their slumber and lethargy into a new place in me where they can be of usefulness in my campaign to draw all men unto me by the renewing of their minds into the things of God.

Prepare yourself for a great time of service and usefulness in my kingdom work; for I will use you mightily to minister health and healing to my people who have been wounded by the onslaught of satanic attacks against their very souls.

Servants only do what they are told with little or no understanding of why they are doing such and such, but you are no longer a mere servant, but a true son who will know everything that I am doing and my purposes for that which I instruct you to do.  You are no outcast but a beloved heir of all the promises I have made to my Son in whom I am well pleased.  Chosen before the foundation of the world to know the one true eternal GOD, who was and who is and who is to come.  The everlasting Father, the Great and Mighty GOD, whose throne is a throne of righteousness and truth and judgment.

Walk upright before me and trust me to take care of all your earthly needs and desires; for I will never fail to meet your needs and grant your heartfelt desires.  Hold tight to the faith given you that you will remain faithful to the end.  Watching and praying and preparing yourself for that great and dreadful day when the Son of Man shall appear on clouds of glory to receive His chaste bride unto himself.  Walk in the light as He is in the light and stay true to the vision of someday sitting on thrones of righteousness, reigning with your LORD and Maker.

Today is your day to experience my love and to allow that love to be poured out of you into the lives of others seeking such a love as I am placing in you even this day to my glory and honor and for my praise.  Go forth now with new strength for I am empowering you to bear much fruit and to remain a fruitful bough on the true vine.  Even as I have spoken, so be it unto you for I am establishing my words in you and fulfilling them through you.  So be brave and of a stout heart for I am with you and in you and even upon you to prosper you in all of your ways.  The Just and True, only Wise GOD.  Forever and ever, Amen and Amen.

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