My Buddy ❣

I would love for you to be a “buddy” to me. To come to me and to share your hopes and dreams with me. To feel free to lay all of your hurts and disappointments at my feet and to leave refreshed and whole. You are so confused about so many things. Thinking thoughts that are based on lies and deceptions.

I would indeed be a “buddy” to you. A friend that would stick closer than a brother. I would share secrets with you on how to reign and rule in this life and how to live eternally in my presence. I would show you how the enemy has sought without success to snuff out your life and to cause you to miss out on your destiny. I would show you how I have prayed for you and had watchmen on the wall day and night crying out for your deliverance from from his snare. I would show you how I formed you in your mother’s womb and perfectly fitted all your joints together. How I numbered the hairs on your head and set every organ into place. I would show you how I selected the day, time, year, month and place of your birth. I would show you how nothing about your conception was hidden from me. I would show you how you came forth in love and not hate.  How the angels rejoiced on the day of your birth. I would show you how the enemy ranted and raged because a deliverer had been birthed into the earth. I would show you how he from that day set out to keep you from knowing your true purpose or destiny.

I would show you how I have kept you hidden away and safe in me until the time appointed. I would show you how my hand of mercy and grace has been constantly upon you. I would show you how my Word has been breaking up the hard ground in you and smashing to pieces the walls of resentment that had been forming in you. I would show you how what the devil meant for evil I have been using for good.

I would show you how all of your sins have been nailed to the cross of Calvary and blotted out by the blood of my beloved son in whom I am well-pleased. I would show you that my plan is to save you and not destroy you. I would show you how long my arms of deliverance is to reach you just where you are.

If only you would allow me to be a buddy to you. Come to me and be set free. Come to me and release me to go to war on your behalf.  I promise to return victorious. Come to me and allow me to heal every hurt, every broken and rejected part of you. Even those parts that you have hidden away so you wouldn’t have to face the pain of it all anymore. Coming has been made easy. Just call on me. Ask me to come. Open up to me. Allow me entrance into your life.  Let me know you want to know the truth. That you’re tired of believing lies. Admit that you are a planned child and not a mistake. Confess that your life is worth living and that you want to begin to live it the way it was intended to be lived, in my presence. Acknowledge me as the true Lord and the devil as a counterfeit.

Let me prove to you that there is more to life than what you have now experienced. There is a peace and a joy that comes from being in my presence. I have chosen you to deliver my people from the same bondage that I am now delivering you from. You shall go back to them with the Word of deliverance. Signs and wonders and mighty power shall accompany you. You shall bear proof of the Word that I will put in your mouth. Your life will drastically change. You will no longer walk in the old nature. But this day, I put a new Spirit in you and a new heart I give unto you. I am removing the old stony heart and giving you a heart of flesh–full of love and faith. I am washing you and cleansing you from the stain of sin.  I am separating you unto myself. I have chosen you for my work of deliverance and this work you shall fulfill.

You are now raised up to go forth in my grace declaring that the Spirit of the Lord has anointed you to preach deliverance to captives and to set them free. Many shall believe the word you speak and follow you to the wells of salvation. This is the day of liberation and you shall reach your generation with the good news.

You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you to fulfill my purpose in and through you. Many have sought to see this day concerning you and have waited patiently for me to act. Well, today I act and accomplish my good pleasure concerning you. Not of works lest any should boast but by grace are you saved. Come now and let us go forth to accomplish all that I have spoken over you. My Buddy❣

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