The Father’s Blessing

Blessing – By the blessing, the Father communicates his own life, strength and authority to his son.  Once spoken, the blessing cannot be recalled or annulled. Power of Yahweh’s blessing repels a curse.”

The Father has blessed and committed all things to Jesus - His beloved son in whom He is well-pleased. There is nothing left for Him to impart to us, just as Isaac had no blessing left to impart to Esau.

We must come through Jesus if we would receive anything from the Father.  All blessings are bound up in him.

In realizing this, we will either go out bitter like Esau, plotting murder like the pharisees, sadducees and religious leaders or we will put our trust in Jesus and look to him to provide for us those blessings we have need of from the Father.

The Father loves his son Jesus and knows that He can trust him to be a faithful and just dispenser of good without partiality or fear.



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