My Chosen Vessel

Judges 4 –

Deborah – in the Old Testament was a Judge of Israel.   She led a life of quiet adventure.  She was given the desire of her heart – to marry and have a family.   She lived in communion with the LORD and worshiped Him only.  She did not seek fame or notoriety, but sought to be a vessel of honor unto the LORD.

Her life was lived well-pleasing to the LORD and she longed to see the God of her salvation exalted, that His name be magnified in all the earth.  Her expectation was in the LORD – trusting Him to be merciful unto Israel the nation and to her, his handmaiden.

She lived in such a way that others felt free to come to her with their anxious concerns.  She walked out her life – going from day to day in a conscious sense of the grace of God that was upon her life.

She rested under a palm tree, receiving its earthly shelter while knowing that the God of Israel was her true source of protection.  She was confident that “no weapon formed against her would prosper”.  She courageously executed the will of the LORD and spoke forthrightly without fear or favor.  The LORD was her battle ax and strong tower.  She had run into Him and was safe.  There is nothing and there is no one who compares to Him.

Deborah was a songstress – psalmist – who praised the God of her salvation.  She walked circumspect before the LORD.  The palm tree represents the wings of the LORD under which Deborah abided.  The ferns bent to shield her from the fiery darts of the enemy.   It was her booth to remind her of the LORD keeping the children of Israel in the wilderness.  It was her dwelling – secret place.

Deborah was my vessel of honor then, and you are my chosen vessel for this time and season.  I have perfected those things that concern you, and will keep you as I kept Deborah, and will use you to execute my will in the earth.  I am your Exceeding Great Reward and the palm tree under which you can dwell.  I will spread my wings over you and keep you from all hurt, harm and danger.  You will speak to my servants instructing them to move forward in the things wherein I have sent them.  Your confidence is in me, and I will not disappoint.  Your words will be confirmed with signs, wonders and miracles.

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