Maintain Your Position

Just as Jesus bore the cross to become a gazing stock for sin, take your position as a gazing stock for healing, deliverance and salvation.

People looked upon Jesus and railed against Him because of sin.

The cross you carry is for salvation.

Because of the righteousness of Christ that rests on you, people will look upon you and receive salvation, healing and deliverance.

Peter and John had the paralytic to gaze upon them to receive healing and deliverance.

The pole that was lifted up in the wilderness was for salvation, deliverance and healing to all who gazed upon it.

Jesus had someone to help carry the cross.

You also have someone to help carry the cross, to remind you to keep and stay in the position I have called you to maintain.

I have positioned you. Don’t be moved away from your original intent regardless.

Certain people have summoned you many times to take your position. You did not heed the call.  So now you know they are for you, and not against you.

Be of good cheer, for this is a good work.

I am giving you what you asked of me – a deliverance ministry – just not the way you thought.

Let them gaze! Let them see you without having to strain their necks.

Even so, as an Intercessor, let them gaze upon you and see my deliverance, healing and salvation.

It is well and finished!

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