I am here by the grace of the LORD. And I thank Him for allowing me this time alone with Him.

What do you do when you come into the presence of the lord and you don’t know what to say? You know there are things you would like to say, but you want to do it right.

Or you feel you need to get the things done that’s in your heart, but you don’t know how to do it?

I find just keep coming, and the LORD will come through for you.

This morning is one of those mornings.

So here am I. My heart is overwhelmed with things and stuff that I don’t know how to handle.

So here I am just waiting to see what the LORD will do for me. He knows what’s best for me.

He says, “My ways are not your ways.”

I feel like my heart is crying because you can’t fix it. Only GOD can fix it.

And you have to realize it is the working of the Holy Spirit that can help you.

So here I am waiting in the presence of the LORD and just believing He will and can work it out for me.

I thank Him for allowing me this time with Him.

I hope and pray and wait, that I get all that He wants to get out of me at this time.

Minister Bobby Lee Miller, Sr.

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