This is the day of salvation!


  • Gather Today!
  • Restore Today!
  • Encourage Today!
  • Live Today!
  • Seek Me Today!
  • Trust Me Today!
  • Sanctify My name Today!
  • Do everything Today!

Now, while it is called Today!

  • Let’s move forward.
  • Let’s increase.
  • Let’s grow.
  • Let’s multiply.
  • Let’s build.
  • Let’s restore.
  • Let’s go on Today.
  • Let’s walk it out together.

You in Me and Me in you, flowing as one in the Spirit. Setting an example for those to follow of freedom and joy and love in the Spirit.

It’s not too late. It’s just the beginning of new and better things to come.

Let’s do it together!

Let’s go forward in power, in might, in love and in faith, to bring refreshing to My people.

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