I have ordained you to walk before me as a vessel of honor. I have called you unto Myself, that where I am, you may be also. I have succored you unto Myself.

You are My prize, My joy and My delight in whom I am well-pleased. I know your heart. It is perfect toward Me.

I will keep you and preserve your soul from destruction. I will be a Father to you and you shall abide in me forever, world without end.

I have called you by name and ordered your path, that you may know Me in the fullness of my glory.

I have chosen you to bear My Name unto the nations and to declare My glory unto the ends of the earth.

You are my chosen vessel, created unto good works wherein I have called you to walk therein, a blessing to many, a source of joy to a downcast and heavy laden people.

Look up, for I come even now to fill you with all fullness.

Your joy shall be full and complete. Your Peace shall be great. And your love shall be unfailing and unconditional. Your walk shall be upright and perfect without spot or blemish.

For I shall fill you full of My own self that there will be no room for strife or envy or jealousy or any such thing.

ordination-clipart-1.jpg (400×400)


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