A Beautiful Day

Lord Jesus 

Thank You

for allowing me to see the beauty of another Day.


And to stop what I think I have to do

and reflect on Your mercies toward me.

And how You allow me this Day to

Thank You, Lord.

Help me as I go through this Day

with people, places and things to do.

That my mind will be about doing

what You WANT me to do.

And to know that it is You Almighty GOD

that allow me this Time.

I pray that as I go through this Day

they will not see me but

The Christ that lives in me.

Thank you, Lord, for this Day!

Minister Bobbie Miller, Sr.

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  1. Amen! This post was beautiful because it is truly a blessing when God wakes us up to see another day. I truly feel blessed when l open my eyes each morning; the first l always say is “Good morning Jesus.” Then l go on to thank God for allowing me to see another day because that assures me that l am in my right mind, and l know who and who’s l am. Then as l proceed to get out of bed, and put my feet onto the floor, “l ask God to order each of my steps, without not one step being unaccounted for.”

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