Today, we gather together, to give thanks unto Thee,
For food, and water and clothing, for life in a land that’s free.
We also count our blessings, whatever they might be,
And thank God for His kindness, with all sincerity.
Now as we look around us, at all our earthly gains,
We thank the Lord for guiding us, through trials, tribulations and pains.
Today, as we go to worship, we all kneel down and pray,
Our hearts are full of gratitude, on this Thanksgiving Day.



  1. I agree and really appreciate Frank for sharing his prayer/poem with me and the world. For Thanksgiving, it was three of my four children and me, which was very nice. Now Christmas will be a different story 😂 entirely! There will be relatives galore, eating, laughing, sharing and loving the Lord together. May you also have an amazing time of celebration!


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