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The hour was swiftly approaching,            

For the Son of God to be born.                        

The angels were all wondering,                       

Which one would be chosen that morn.          

Just which one would the Father choose,       

To announce the birth of His Son.                  

Would He choose Gabriel, Michael,              

Or would He choose some other one?             

God knew just what they were thinking,        

As He called them around His throne.            

He praised them all for being there,                

And then He let His thoughts be known.         

All of you want to be the one,                         

To announce the birth of my Son.                    

And you are wondering just who,                    

Will end up being the chosen one.                   

Before I give this special task,                         

To any single one of you,                                

Let me tell you exactly whom,                         

You must first give the message to.                 

It won’t be kings or potentates,                       

Or any others of the kind.                                 

This news must first be given to,                      

The most humble folks you can find.                

There are some shepherds in the hills,

Near Bethlehem of Judaea,

And tonight, news of my son’s birth,

I want them to be first to hear.  

Tell them, Christ, the Lord was born,

In a Bethlehem stable today,

And He is wrapped in swaddling clothes,

Lying in a manger on hay.

This news is of such good tidings,

And of great joy to all the earth,

That I want more than one of you,

To spread word of His Divine birth. 

Now one of you will break the news,

A host of others will follow,

Word of this night will one day spread,

Into every nook and hollow.

 So a multitude of angels,

Were seen by the shepherds that night,

As they kept watch over their sheep,

 It was such a glorious sight.

They came upon the midnight clear,

Singing glory to the newborn King.

What a sight it was to behold, 

Seeing and hearing the angels sing.

Frank M. White

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