May this month of love inspire us to grow deeper in our understanding of one another. Thank you, Frankn Eberrn, for writing such a heart-felt Facebook post, and for allowing me to share it here.

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Please, I’ll like us to read this message anytime we can because it is going to help us out in marriage, relationships, and family.

Frankn Eberrn
  1. Every man needs a woman that he can have as a lovely wife and best friend.  In everything in life just be his friend. A man appreciates a close friend he can confide in and count on no matter what happens, someone, he can share his thoughts and feelings with, someone who will always be there and will listen to him without judgment or condemnation. Be that friend to him. Be his confidant. Be careful though not to mother him or smother him. Give him room to breathe. Admit when you’re wrong and be willing to forgive when he’s wrong.
  2. Be affectionate. Be generous and consistent with your hugs and gentle touches. Say “I love you” often and take the time to tell him why you love him, why he means so much to you, why your life would be empty without him. Initiate your affection. Make him feel wanted and needed.
  3. Accept him for who he is. Let him know you have no desire to try to change him, that your goal is not to make him a better person, you like him the way he is. Make it clear to him that he’s your Prince Charming. Don’t compare him to other men, especially in a way that makes him feel like he doesn’t measure up, that he’s not good enough.
  4. Be his encourager. Every man needs and wants encouragement. It’s especially meaningful when he’s facing challenges or is having a rough day or week. Little things done on a regular basis can mean the world to him, like writing a thoughtful note and putting it on his bathroom mirror or taking him to a movie he really wants to see, or preparing his favorite meal, or sending him an email at work or at home with an inspirational quote or thought, or buying a magazine dealing with topics he enjoys and having it on the table when he sits down for breakfast, little things that tell him you’re thinking of him and that you’re in his corner and always will be.
  5. Respect him. One of the most important things you can do is convey to him that you respect him, that you hold him in high regard. Let him know you appreciate his wisdom in making decisions, and whatever you do, don’t go behind his back and undermine the things he does or what he decides. Don’t try to manipulate him into doing or thinking what you might think is best. If you disagree with any of his decisions, sit down and talk with him about it in an objective manner. Don’t try to persuade, just share feedback.
  6. Keep a record of good times together. One of the ways a man feels loved is letting him know you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the good times the two of you have had together. Take the time to verbally reminisce with him. Maybe keep photos of the special moments you’ve had together perhaps in a photo album or on your phone and/or computer. Set aside times when you can sit down with him and look at the photos and talk about the special moments you’ve had together. Tell him how special those moments made you feel and how he has contributed to your happiness.
  7. Sincerely compliment him. Be alert to the things he does, large or small, that you appreciate and then compliment him. Build him up and make him feel special. Focus on his strengths. He’s a man and he wants to be viewed as a man, and your compliments can help with that. Let him know how proud you are of him, and that you appreciate the good qualities you see in him. 
  8. Share in his interests. Take the time to talk with him about his interests even the seemingly insignificant ones, and determine which ones you might be able to enjoy with him. Some of them may not be your cup of tea but just being willing to participate with him will make him feel special. Surprise him with little gifts or gift cards that he can use to help him enjoy his interests.


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