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By Randy Gallop

“There was a great Author and his penmanship was known worldwide. His books sold by the millions (all best-sellers); but his last book went unfinished (not for any reason that the publisher could put his finger on). The Author just stopped writing.

The rumor was he had died or had fallen ill, but they were just rumors since no one knew who the Author was, to begin with—his true identity was a mystery.

After years had passed, the book was published in its incomplete state; it broke all sales records, becoming one of the most widely read books of its day. The unfinished book was about the adventures of the Author’s life.

The publisher decided to host a contest. “Whoever could write the best ending to the book would be rewarded a $1 million book deal, and an all-expense paid tour of the world.”

The manuscripts came in by the thousands; and after two years, it came down to three women as finalists.

The three finalists were invited to a banquet to share their presentations. The day of this great event came, and in attendance were some of the greatest writers of all times; as well as world-renowned celebrities, literary geniuses and newspaper reporters.

First up, or first to speak at the podium, was a nice looking lady. She said, “I have researched the Author and traced him back to England;” and that she was shocked to find that the Author was really a woman writing under a pen name as a man; because she believed that’s how it would be better received in such a male-dominated field.

She also stated that “the writer was very old at the time of this last literary work; and had died of old age, alone in a villa in Northern Ireland; and therefore, could not complete the work.” She showed a picture of the old lonely woman at her typewriter just before her death.

The second woman to speak was tall and very attractive—head and shoulders above the other two contestants. She spoke very authoritatively. “No,” she said, “the Author is not female.” She stated that she had spent thousands of dollars on travel and hiring the best investigators she could find. “The writer is dead,” she said. He died of natural causes. He had lived in Boston, Massachusetts and later moved to New York. She said, “his real name was so and so, middle-aged and no family.”  She was able to talk to a friend of his—a man who he traveled the world with—a Sea Captain, and she has an autographed picture of him and the Captain in their youth, with the inscription: “To Captain John Witham from your dear friend. May the sea be kind to you, my friend.”

The third and final woman said, “No, that’s not true. I love the author. I fell in love with him through his writings. I don’t believe he is dead, and he is not a woman but a man in his early 30’s. I don’t know why he stopped writing.” She couldn’t find any logical reason and trust me, I’ve searched. She could only produce a hand-drawn image of what she believed he looked like; and while the drawing was very well done, it didn’t impress the audience.

Needless to say, the second contestant won. Now as people began to leave, and the three stepped down from the platform, the last contestant was visibly upset, and not watching tripped; her papers fell to the floor and as she bent to pick them up, a young man rushed to help her.

“Thank you,” she said, before looking up. When she looked up, she could hardly believe her eyes, it was him, the picture she had drawn. There he was; it was him! Turns out that he was the author of the books she loved so much.

“Why did you stop writing,” she asked? “The book is about my life and adventures,” and he hadn’t finished living yet. He was looking for a Bride for the next chapter of his life!”

Jesus is from above. He alone has the Words that will change that which is born of the earth into a heavenly bride.

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