A Call To Be

I’m not asking you to do more things for Me, that you may become weighed down and overburdened. My desire is for you to flow freely in Me; to be one with Me in purpose and will; and to be aflame with my desires and hopes. I am not looking for doers. I’m seeking and calling you to Be. Even as I am, so Be you also.

This is my call to you: To Be in the earth, My reflection, and My express image, by allowing Me to restore your soul to its proper position of obedience to the Spirit, that you may be led by the Spirit with no more soul endeavors. For the works of the soul are not profitable. Only those things born of the Spirit give life.

This is My call to My Body: To walk after the Spirit, where life is free-flowing and abundantly abounding.

This is not a hard word. Rather it is a liberating word to set you free from the bondage of a soul striving to please GOD in its own strength, which is not possible. But I can do it in you and through you as you enter into My Rest.

So you are called to a place of Rest in Me, that others may see your rest and desire to enter in as well.

How do you Rest?

  • You Rest by acknowledging that you have not entered into my Rest, but have been striving in the area of your soul to win My approval.
  • You repent, and you turn to Me as the only source of strength and power that can take you into the Rest of Promise.
  • You desire to enter in, and you ask to be taken into my Resting Place.

I will restore your soul and enter you into My Rest that has been prepared from the foundation of the world. Then you will not strive to do, but you will Be.

I have spoken my vision. Now you must speak your “yes” or “no” to the vision. I desire a people of Rest. Will you be those people?

I have come that you might have life and that more abundantly, in my place of Rest. Come! Let those who hear say “Come”.

Come unto Me and Rest.

Rest in my Love, you Beloved of the LORD.


  1. This is such a peaceful and encouraging word Janice. I have read and like several of your posts and shall read more. Bless you and thank you so much for coming to mine.


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