Frank M. White

One of you shall betray me.

Was our Savior’s cry.

The Disciples responded,

“Dear Lord, Is it I?”

Yes! We know that story,

Judas was the one.

Thirty pieces of silver,

He betrayed God’s Son.

Well! What about us,

In this modern day?

Is Judas alone?

Do we still betray?

Do we love our neighbors,

Like Christ said we should?

Do we help our brothers,

And try to do good?

Do we talk about others,

Pull each other down?

Are our hearts filled with anger.

Do we wear a frown?

Do we thank God in prayer,

For all He has done,

From the rising of the moon,

To the setting sun?

Do we try to be like Him,

And study His word?

Or do we lie, cheat and steal,

Like those of the world?

One of you shall betray me,

Was our Savior’s cry.

We can all ask the question.

Dear Lord, Is it I?

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