Sometimes It Takes Going Through Something

Jonathan Madison, Tree Climber for Christ


Poem by: Jonathan Madison

Feel strong in your walk, for this time you should take
The lesson at hand, from decisions you make
And lift them up high, through all this you'll learn
When struggles are here, where else can you turn

Call out to the ones that you've helped in the past?
Do you know in your heart, the pain it won't last?

The first call you made, just gave you excuses
The second and third turned out just as useless
The more time you take, this struggle you're bound to
For all that you've helped, now no one surrounds you

You cry to the Lord, for His help you shall get
He's come through again, now will you forget?
The blessing He gave you, is a tender soft heart
Don't waste all your passion, to be torn apart

I admire your strength and your confident self
Now with these true words, place this on your shelf
Don't allow all you have, to be taken or swayed
For the choices you make, is how histories made!

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