The Desire of My Heart

John Harper

May I live my life in service to You.

May my every moment be soaked in adoration of You.

LORD, I want to love You more than my life;

I want to desire You more deeply than sleep.

Wake me up, GOD!

May my eyes see Your Glory on this side of the great chasm.

Your Favor has been on me long before I knew You.

You have kept me safe at Your Side when I was ignorant.

Your Mercy has permeated my entire life.

GOD, You Are Awesome!

John R.A. Harper


  1. Amen, oh that we may see God’s glory! Oh, that our eyes could open a little more! Oh, that our awareness would be heightened so we could see into His brilliant splendor!

    Our entire journey through this universe would be a joy to see Him there ever there before us!

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