Love The Truth

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John 3:7-13 –

Jesus Is “The Truth”!

You either receive it or reject it. If you receive it, your foundation will be established.

You will be like Mt. Zion – unmovable, steadfast and sure.

You will not be able to rest in a lie or trust in lying spirits.

You will prefer to suffer, if need be, then rejoice in a lie.

You will begin to deal truthfully with every man, including yourself, and GOD.

You will keep your word for the Truth’s sake, even if it is to your seeming disadvantage.

Truth is the foundation stone on which every truly Spiritual house is built by GOD.

Love the Truth!!!

Heavenly things await those who receive Truth.

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  1. Don’t lie to yourself. He who lies to himself and listens to his own lies ends up not distinguishing the truth either in himself or around him, no longer having respect for himself or for others.


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