Acts 2 –

Two of the definitions for FIT are:

  1. To put with precise placement or adjustment;
  2. To be the right size or shape for.

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The Body of Christ has been made with precision.

I used to think I was a hand or foot in the Body. However, once I realized how massively immense the Body is, I understood that I am a cell.

Do you know how uniquely designed each cell is?

The cells in your eyes are not the same as the cells in your pancreas. Though they have the same DNA, they don’t perform the same function.

The Holy Spirit conforms and adjusts us so that we follow closely the contours and shape of His Word and character.

The “big picture” that we are to look at is Christ.

Other synonyms and definitions for FIT don’t just deal with our makeup and position, but our empowerment:

  • qualified
  • prepared
  • suited
  • conformed
  • competent
  • productive.

We are none of these things apart from having the Holy Spirit active and in control inside of us.

Peter’s ministry happened not because of Peter or his own eloquence, but because God qualified, prepared and placed him with precision where he needed to be, and with whom he needed to be with.

The 1st miracle of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was uniting people beyond their human division.

Gianne V. Harper

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  1. When Jesus lived on earth, He had a human body. He lived in that body and did many special things. Now that He lives in heaven, the Lord Jesus does great things through a different body called the Body of Christ. Sometimes a body is a group of people.
    When we speak of the Body of Christ, we are not referring to the human body of Jesus Christ. We are referring to a group of people who represent Jesus Christ. These people are Christians — men, women, boys, and girls who have trusted in the Lord Jesus as their Savior.
    In the Bible, the Body of Christ is compared to the human body so that we can understand it. In the human body, the head thinks and tells the other parts of the body what to do. In the Body of Christ, Jesus is the “Head” or ruler.
    He is the One who guides the people who make up the “parts” of His Body. These people do different things, but they are all part of one group. If you are a Christian, it means you are in the Body of Christ! Have you ever thought about this? You belong to Jesus, who is the “Head” and every Christian is part of the Body of Christ with you. How should Christians in the Body of Christ treat one another?
    You can pray: Oh, my God, thank you for being part of Your Body. Help me do what you say. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.


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