Moving Forward On Life’s Journey


As we move from the cradle to our golden years, life offers many interesting, but sometimes difficult challenges. At this stage of life, we view these challenges as opportunities for growth. However, this form of growth does not limit itself just socially, emotionally, and mentally, but most importantly “spiritually.”

While moving from one stage of life to the next, we’ve learned a variety of things, and have gained much knowledge. Now we know our developmental experiences are designed to draw us closer to our Lord and Saviour.

When we were infants, our parents fed us the necessary soft natural foods that were essential for physical growth and a healthy body. As we grew, and as our bodies were physically ready, we were then fed solid food. On our Christian Journey, life experiences are similar.

We began our Christian Walk as babies in Christ; eating and feasting on spiritual milk. This is one of the most important times in life, because we have begun to grow in Christ by studying His Word, learning of Him, and taking Christ-like baby steps, often under the guidance of our Pastor and other Church teachers.

Now, our senior years are upon us, and we are feasting on “Spiritual Meat.” Because…

  • We know who we are in Christ.
  • We are enjoying a loving relationship with Him.
  • We are steadily moving out of our comfort zone, sharing God’s Word, and telling others about the love of Christ. We know that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
  • We are psychologically secure (feeling safe in our own skin).
  • We are aware of the fact that many decisions we make are a result of our fear and love.

This is a great time to be a Christian! May God bless you as you follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ while moving forward on life’s journey.

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