Dear Pastor

Dear Pastor,

Have you been praying that God would give you just one additional resource that you could put in the hands of every young adult or teen under your spiritual care? More specifically, a resource that answered at least some of the many questions they have concerning God and his dealings with mankind?

Well, I believe the Lord heard your prayer and has sent help from the sanctuary.

This book, “God’s Order of Operations,” tackles many of the issues facing the church when dealing with the next generation of believers. Within its pages, God’s way of doing and being is revealed. It outlines God’s order and action steps in solving the problem of his complicated relationship with man. He has a set order of operations to get his man back and to make him even better than before he strayed away. In the pages of this book, young people will see how much they are loved and the length God will go to bring them back to himself.

I am writing to encourage you to not only get a copy of this book for your personal library, but also a copy for every young adult under your spiritual care.

Joy! Janice Harper

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