An Open Door (Part 1)

I have called you forth to reach out to hurting, abused and neglected women who have moved my heart to compassion, as I’ve watched them reach out for love in all the wrong faces and all the wrong places, seeking to enter into a bond of love that does not exist outside of Me.

I want them to come in and be sheltered from the storm, to receive refreshment, to be loved and tenderly entreated that they may grow to trust My love for them.

I seek to envelop them with My presence and My love that they may walk upright before Me, living holy lives to My honor and glory sheltered from the onslaught of satanic activity seeking to destroy their very souls.

You have been ordained to walk holy before Me. I have set you apart to demonstrate My love to a hurting world. I desire to overflow in you that your lives may be used exclusively for My glory and honor.

I need women vessels who have denied themselves, counted the cost and have decided to follow Me with their whole heart.

This is not the time to seek great things for yourself, but a time to be broken and spilled out to a mass of unwanted, hurting and abused women.

I need commitment, dedication, honesty, and sincerity to rise up within you that I may entrust my riches to you to distribute into the hands of those I have chosen to come in from the cold.

Life is too short to be spent in vanity, but must now be invested in the things of the Kingdom, for the Kingdom work is the most important work to be done in this hour.

Reach past your own desires and begin to desire my heart, that I may through you touch broken and shattered lives.

For I am prepared to send the harvest among you but you must be prepared to gather them in through love and compassionate hearts.

Hearken to My voice and hear what My Spirit is saying in this hour. Rise up from your complacency and your bed of ease and gather unto Me My chosen Bride, for inasmuch as your labor is not in vain when you labor faithfully for My cause.

I will cause you to triumph victoriously and your lives will reach new and higher dimensions in Me than you ever dreamed possible.

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  1. Say that and Amen. It is a serious call and I have been that broken woman looking for love in all the wrong places and faces. He is real though and as I move into this place, I appreciate the reminder for the call to holy living.

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