An Open Door (Part 2)

Today is the appointed day to gather My people, for today is the day of salvation for the lost.

Watch, pray and work, for the day of preparation has ended and the day of labor has begun.

Seek not to receive praise from men, for it is short-lived and worthless, but rather let Me be your praise and heart’s desire, even as I have made you mine.

I come quickly to receive my Bride unto myself therefore, that which you do must be done quickly for the hour is far spent and yet my people are still not saved.

Hear my call to you to come up to the place in Me where my anointing flows that I may empower you for the work that must be done now, in this hour.

I have chosen to use women in this hour to do a mighty work for Me, but you must be unspotted from the world, anchored in my beloved Son, filled with My Spirit and moved upon with compassion and love for the lost and hurting, dispossessed, fatherless, widows, orphans and abused mass of people.

This is your time to rise up and come forth to proclaim and demonstrate My love and saving grace to those I have prepared to hear.

Do your part by renouncing the things of the world and establishing yourselves in My righteousness and holiness for the work ordained by Me for your hands to fulfill.

Put away all malice, anger and greed. Let the wicked deeds of this world have nothing to do with you.

Be Holy, even as I am Holy, that my power may flow through you unhindered to the pulling down of strongholds in the lives of My people.

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