Write the vision and make it plain that they who read may run with it. I have called this ministry to be an outreach ministry to build up the body of Christ; to strengthen my Bride; and to gather my Elect from the four corners of the earth. I have ordained you to go forth and deliver my people from the bondage of the flesh, the world and the devil. You have been uniquely gifted to tear down satan’s strongholds and to set the captives free. I have chosen you to walk upright before me and to bridge the gap between my holiness and the sins of the people. I will use you to minister eternal life into my people.

You will preach, teach, heal and deliver my people from the bondages of sin, sickness and disease. You will speak peace into the hearts of my people. I will use you to drive a wedge between the forces of darkness and the people.  I will anoint you to overtake and subdue the wicked forces of evil to drive back the darkness that my glorious light of the gospel will shine through to reach a multitude in the valley of decision. You will walk under a protective pillar of fire and a cloud of glory. My glory shall go before you and be your rearward.  You shall know the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of the saints. I will teach your hands to war strategically to defeat every opposing force.

Your hearts are established and your minds are made up to serve the Lord of Hosts. I have prepared you for such an hour as this. You will walk under a protective shield. I will provide all that you have need of and there shall be no lack in my House. You shall be thoroughly furnished and equipped unto every good work. Your labor in Me shall not be in vain. Great is your reward in Heaven above on the earth beneath.

Be strong and very courageous, for I am with you to help you and to deliver the enemy into your hands. I shall use you to save many people alive. Great shall be the shout of victory in the camp. Walk free from all entanglements. Stay focused on my purpose for you in the earth. Watch as I come to show myself strong on your behalf. Look unto me, and I will show you great and mighty things. Seek my face and I shall be found of you.  Hold to my unchanging hand. Walk before me as vessels of honor, purged from every dead work and alive unto the things of God. Show forth my praises in the earth. Lift up your voices in joyful, triumphant sound unto the Holy One of Israel. Keep yourselves unspotted from the world. Live holy and wholeheartedly unto me.

Your walk of faith shall cause many to hunger and desire for the intimacy that you have with me. I shall feed many through you. I will take that which you have and pour into many lives. Your cup shall overflow and the anointing shall destroy the yoke. My presence rests heavily upon you. My life is full and complete within you. My Word is rich and flowing and alive in you.  You shall speak as the very oracles of God. The words that I shall put in your mouths shall be full of power and authority to establish and maintain my will in the earth. I will continue to use you to speak prophetically that which I desire to do in the earth. My will shall be done in earth as it is in Heaven. My purposes shall be accomplished.

Your lives shall be lived to the glory of God, the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. My mission statement shall be written on the tables of your hearts. Ministries shall be birthed out of your lives. Anointings shall be transferred by the laying on of your hands. Great and miraculous healings shall be done in and through you.  Miracles shall be a normal part of the ministry. Just a light thing. Just an ordinary occurrence in your life and the ministry. People will marvel, but you will be expecting nothing less than the miraculous. Your confidence will be at such an extraordinary level that it will be easy to believe for creative, as well as, exceptional miracles.

Walk in the authority and boldness that I have invested in your lives. Let nothing discourage you or tempt you to look around, but keep your face firmly set to look forward to all that I am preparing for you. Your time is at hand, even at the door. I have sent my angels before you to prepare the way for your feet to walk, on a sure and steadfast path. I am removing all obstacles out your way. There shall be no stumbling blocks set before you, only stepping stones.

The people are being made ready to receive your entering in unto them. They will seek out your counsel and desire your advice. They will look to you as their answer sent from God. The transition shall be smooth. There will be no struggle to accomplish my will. It shall be your meat and drink, and the very delight and joy of your hearts. I will make it supernaturally natural for you. You will wonder how you ever lived before. So, be encouraged and know that all things are working together even now for your good. Nothing formed by the enemy is prospering against you.

The Church shall be built up and established in righteousness and true holiness. The people shall praise Me for my wondrous acts on behalf of man. My Kingdom shall come in more and more power and demonstration. The weak shall be made strong and the poor shall be made rich. The truth shall be revealed. Those who are teachable and ready and willing to learn shall flow unto you. Their hearts are ready to receive the Word of God and they are ready to put into practice that which they shall receive. They are open to truth and will receive it and hold fast to the truth. They will not be easily shaken away from that which has convinced them that they have at last received the words of eternal life. They shall not depart but remain to grow into a mature Bride. They are not interested in foolishness, but are ready to live soberly and wisely in this present time. Their joy shall be in the Holy Spirit of Truth. They shall be planted beside streams of living waters, where their roots shall go down strong and deep and they shall flourish in the courts of their God. They shall grow strong in the grace of their God. They shall be ready for the coming of the Lord. Their children shall be anchored in the House of the Lord. They shall have no desire to wander, because of the joy and excitement in my House. They shall find the satisfaction and thrills they seek right in my House.

My House shall be a House of Prayer, Praise and Worship. It shall be a place of refuge and a shelter from the storms of life. My House shall be glorious and beautified with my awesome presence and peace. It will be a delight to come in to meet with Me and to fellowship together with other saints.

Trust my Words. Take me at my Word. Dare to believe that you can and do hear from Me. I will not allow you to believe a lie. I will tell you the truth concerning everything. My ministry in you shall be great. Thus saith the Lord. So be it. Amen and Amen.

I Peter 5:10

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