I Remember Water

I remember water.

How could I forget it?

I remember drowning in a pool as a child.

It scared me, it scarred me.

Water is the enemy.

I saw myself submerged in the water.

I saw myself struggle to swim,

Struggle to get out,

Struggle to get free,

Struggle to breathe…

Then I saw nothing.

But I felt a strong hand grab hold of me.

It yanked me from my water-filled coffin.

I remember seeing the face of the owner of this hand.

It was my reflection,

Or perhaps I was the reflection and he the original.

My father.

I coughed.




And coughed.

And gasped.

And coughed.

And gasped.

To the same rhythm that I had when I was pulled from my first liquid-filled chamber.

My mother.

I wonder if her body shivered as the soul of her child began to leave this world,

the same way it shivered when she first discovered another soul forming in her body.

I remember water,

How could I forget it?

I was born from water

Bathed in water

Filled with water

Killed by water.

John R.A. Harper

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