Come on, Beautiful!

Transformation Skit



Butterfly #1


Butterfly #2




Caterpillar crawls around eating leaves, trying not to get squished or picked up by some bird. Caterpillar looks up one day and spots Butterfly, and sits and watches Butterfly fly from flower to flower spreading its wings and helping pollinate the flowers.

Caterpillar:          Look how beautiful Butterfly is! How graceful and peaceful up there flying. Man, I wish I could fly like that! And Butterfly doesn’t eat leaves or put holes in trees—in fact, Butterfly helps to create more flowers by spreading pollen. I bet Butterfly doesn’t have to worry about someone’s foot squishing her or some bird trying to eat her. I wish I could be like Butterfly.

Caterpillar goes off and sits by itself, looking sad. Ladybug comes over and sees Caterpillar.

Ladybug:             What’s wrong Cat?

Caterpillar:          Have you ever noticed Butterfly? Have you seen how beautiful she is? Why did I have to be a caterpillar? I wish I was made a butterfly.

Ladybug:             Well why don’t you ask Butterfly how she got that way? Maybe she can help you.

Caterpillar looks even more droopy.

Caterpillar:          No, I don’t think so. She was probably born beautiful, and ugly things like me are just born ugly.

Ladybug:             Ok Cat…but you never know.

Ladybug flies off. Caterpillar sees Ladybug fly away and perks up.

Caterpillar:          That’s what I need! WINGS! If I had some wings I’d be able to fly like Butterfly and go from flower to flower; and somebody will look at me and say how beautiful I am!

Caterpillar makes herself some wings and walks about happy while she jumps, trying to get her body off the ground. After a while, Caterpillar is just tired and upset. Caterpillar looks over at Butterfly and crawls over to her.

Butterfly #1:       What are you doing Caterpillar?

Caterpillar:          I want to be like you, Butterfly. I want to fly around and make things beautiful. How did you become like this? You were born this way, weren’t you?

Butterfly #1: (laughs)      No Caterpillar. I was born like you—crawling around, afraid of being squished, and always looking up at the sky wanting to fly. Then one day… well it’s a long story, but trust me, I’m not that different from you. I’ve just been changed, transformed, but you can be too. Go talk to the Maker.

Caterpillar sits down, chews a leaf, and thinks.

Caterpillar:          How can something so beautiful come from something so ugly? How does something that flies so gracefully come from something that crawls on the ground? I wonder what the Maker would say? Let me go ask Him.

Caterpillar leaves. … Seasons change. Another Butterfly comes out and flies around joyfully. Butterfly #1 sees and flies over.

Butterfly #1:       Hi! Are you new around here?

Butterfly #2:       Don’t you recognize me at all? Well maybe you don’t. I used to be known as ‘Caterpillar’.

Butterfly #1:       Caterpillar??!! Wow you look great!! You went and talked to the Maker didn’t you?

Butterfly #2:       Yep! And you know what He told me? He said that I had everything I needed to be a butterfly inside of me. Well I didn’t believe Him at first, but then He told me if I’d just trust Him and allow Him to work on me for a few weeks then He’d show me who I really was and what He made me to be. So I did! I remember a cocoon and how it was a little uncomfortable at first, but I kept hearing Him say “I’ve got you, I’m changing you, you won’t be the same, I love you, trust in Me.” And here I am!

Butterfly #1:       Come on Beautiful, let me show you where all the flowers are!

They fly off together. (Written by GVH)


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