Oh, What a Place!

Write the vision … This is to you. A vision of love. A vision of peace. And a vision of tremendous joy and prosperity. My vision for you. I in you and you in Me – one. Complete, whole, entire, perfect, lacking nothing. Completely satisfied in your Beloved. Perfectly formed and shaped in my own image and likeness. A well-watered bough on the True Vine. A tender plant. A wholesome and healthy branch, bringing forth much fruit. A victorious and overcoming Bride. A choice and chosen vessel of honor, fit for every good work and purpose. Especially and well-equipped to pull down enemy strongholds. Called, anointed, and highly appointed. Called to walk humbly before Me.

I have seen and heard and know all that concerns you. I have already fought the battle and won it on your behalf. I am strong and full in you. I have secured you forever in Me. My eyes are upon you continually to bless you and to do you good.

I am your Exceeding Great Reward. I have prepared a place for you already, and that place is first and foremost in mine own heart. You are close to Me. You are a part of Me. You are dear to Me. You are ever near to Me.

Rest in my love. It is very real and trustworthy. My love for you is from everlasting to everlasting. It will never fail you nor will it forsake you, but will be with you throughout all eternity.

Many have long sought to be in the place of intimacy that you are now in with Me and have not been so. I have chosen you to know my heart. A place of rare intimacy and feeling. A place of love and tremendous joy. A peace and a complete rest. A place of solitude and blessed quietness. A place of humility. A place of meekness.

Oh, what a place of love, joy, and peace!

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