Wilderness Days Are Over

Be still and know that GOD is moving in the midst – a quiet but sure work. True men of God are being raised up. Sending them forth – opening doors. They’re walking in love.  Will give each a vision.

Wilderness days are over. Change coming – we will see the manifestation. Will pull down every wall. Many doors going through, and none will be wrong. Coming out. Will allow you to see things never seen before.

Have trusted GOD, been faithful. Trusting and obedient. Going to give you your desire.  Will give you what you’ve been asking for – with prosperity.

Tears of wisdom – cradle you in My arms. Just ask for a sign, will give it to you. Keep praising, worshiping, and believing Me. Angels coming down from heaven with a gift for you.

You’re a blessing to God.

A new thing in the whole household. Just be still.

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