Patricia Dobbin

God’s Order of Operations is a thought-provoking outline of God’s plan to restore man.  The title reinforces the concept that our omniscient God is a God of order.  From the very beginning of creation, God had a perfect plan for man. The book presents the question, “Does man need saving?”  

God answers this question beginning with Adam and Eve.  He knew man would mess up. God demonstrates his love for man with an amazing plan for salvation.  This book skillfully walks you through God’s plan to redeem man.  

The author, Janice Harper, does an amazing job of guiding you through God’s perfect plan for our salvation.  If we allow God to operate in our lives, He will heal our sin-sick spirit, soul, and body. God’s operation reestablishes a loving relationship with Him which ushers in a life filled with peace and joy.  You must read the book.