Priscilla Osei Lavoe

Please tell me what page of the book did the Lord meet you on?

So in the part when you made mention that God’s greatest desire is a re-establishment of His relationship with man and also that we as individuals need a relationship with God in order to make sense of His existence. This is so true and made me have so many thoughts. When we individuals establish an intimate relationship with God, we get to know His ways, understand Him and experience His acts, basically making sense of His existence as you said. But when we remain in our sinful nature we do not get to make sense of His ways. And therefore we will need to be saved by God.

Also, the fact that God’s order of operations starts from the inside of us (which is the spirit and soul) and the body is the last step. And for us to have that active in our lives, our bodies have to be brought under submission to the spirit. Which you stated that God finds a way to keep the body engaged in the process of salvation.

I learned so much from your book Miss Janice. Not one page, every page was a blessing. Got to know about the Holy Spirit, the soul, the body and salvation as a whole. God bless you once again for giving me the privilege to read such an awesome book.