Rashad Sawyer

Pg, 117 – “With the use of emotions, man reacts to God, others and creation. God instructs and equips man to react in ways that honor His name.”

Pg, 85 – That whole page got me, especially the “Can you recall a time when God and you were actually communicating together?”

So when they started to stand out to me, those 2 particular pages, I was just sitting and wondering “hmm, why those two pages kept just replaying in my head over and over and over?”

Then all of a sudden, I started stressing about just the things I need to take care of the next few weeks; like I need to get this car down payment so I can start making my appointments; then this apartment, but I need the car 1st cause if I move then how will I get to places; then just a few health things I’m going through right now, nothing too serious, but it’s just a lot. It’s overwhelming, especially when I’m in pain cause I still have to go to work. So I can hopefully soon get this car, and then step after that hopefully the apartment. Then my fiancée is going through a few things and I’m trying to help her through that. And sometimes it’s just all overwhelming. And I’m just like, “how am I gonna do this?” Then comes the discouragement. That voice just saying, “u can’t.”

Then I read that. And the way I took it was basically God’s not going to put you through anything that you can’t handle. The things he throws in our way only makes us stronger in the end. And he puts us through it to make us stronger and to honor Him. That’s when the scripture “In all things give thanks” like my grandma used to say no matter what happens, Hallelujah Anyhow. So no matter what you’re going through it’s for a reason. It’s a lesson. And before u went through that test, because he won’t put you through anything u can’t handle, he equipped you for this test already. Just continue to pray and fight through it.

Which brings me to the next page I mentioned, “Can you recall the last time when you and God actually communicated?” You’re going through this and that. You’re struggling. When’s the last time you actually sat and had a sincere conversation with God? Not just when you’re going through, but just a simple “thank you” and “I love you.” We’re always on our time but that’s not right. All the things he does for you and you can’t even take time out of everyday just to say thank you? And thing is, see I know all this and it brung me to one message my grandpa preached, “Just a reminder.”

Sometimes we tend to lose a little bit of sight and get discouraged. All we can ask is, “why?” And we know the truth, but sometimes all we need is a reminder that God is in full control. And he may not come when u want him to but he’s always on time. Just stay encouraged and be of good faith. And don’t lose sight of your teachings. And when you do pray, read your Bible. And call on a brother or sister.

You might just need a reminder that everything’s going to be alright because of who we serve. And that’s what that book did, gave me a reminder.