My Presence Is Enough For You

It’s not a light work. It’s a heavy work that I am doing. It’s a heavy work that I am doing. For daughter, I’m touching you in this season. I’m touching your mind. I’m touching your heart.

You’re going to be more effective than you’ve ever been because of what I’m doing in you right now, saith the LORD.

But daughter, you’ve always looked and said, “If these things around me could change, everything would be alright.” And yea, saith the LORD, it doesn’t take nothing changing. It takes a relationship, saith the LORD. And I am drawing you into my secret place in this season, saith the LORD, to show you that My presence is enough, is enough, is enough for you, saith the LORD.

And you’re going to become more effective, saith the LORD. Your mouth is going to open and you’re going to begin to speak the Word of the LORD, saith thy GOD; because I am going to fill it with my Word, saith the LORD. And when it comes out, it’s going to be with power and the unction of the Holy Ghost, saith thy GOD.

Daughter, I’m changing your ways. I’m changing things around you, saith the LORD. Because, saith thy GOD, those things that I’m touching, saith the LORD, those things that I’m touching right now, saith thy GOD, are going to shake you, but they are going to make you.

Ah yes, I just sense that GOD is going to change some things that you didn’t want Him to change.

(Prophetic Word Spoken Over Me)




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