Talking to the LORD

Here I am at Church thanking GOD/Jesus for allowing me this opportunity to be at prayer.

I was just thanking Him, praising Him and worshipping Him.

Then, I began to think – What can I give Jesus in return for what He has done for me?

So I began to think – All that I have He gave me; I am what I am because He made me; so I am nothing without Him. So what can I give to Him to say Thank You for what You’ve done for me? 

I can surrender my will to become His will. And, I can give myself to Him so He can do and use as He will.

LORD, I realize it’s only because of You I live and have my being.

LORD, help me to understand (as I go deeper in You and You begin to deal with me in new ways) that these are not just words being said to You; but it has become a way of life and the old things are passed away.

And to behold the new You are doing in my life.

Thank you, LORD, for this wonderful day.


Elder Bobby Lee Miller

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