A Call To Women

Write the vision and make it plain that they who read may run with it.

I have called you to come forth in Me and to walk upright before Me. To be totally consecrated and dedicated to the things of Christ.

I have ordained you to walk in Agape Love – the only real love there is. To be an expression of Godliness and Holiness before men.

I have women of wisdom and forthrightness who are not afraid to declare my Word, without fear or favor.

Women who are prepared to lay down their very lives for the sake of the gospel. Who have endured much, but have learned to count it all joy in the midst of their trials and testings.

I am pleased to be called their GOD. For they have not denied my name, but have declared it and will continue to declare it to a hurting and dying world.

Look up for your redemption draws nigh, even at the door. I come quickly and my reward is with Me to give to every man as his deeds require.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the Bright and Morning Star.

Trust in Me and keep Me as the apple of your eye.

Remain focused on the work of gathering my elect and strengthening my bride.

Watch and pray.

Keep alert to the hurt of others. Remain attentive to the cries of the people, as they cry from the depths of their hearts.

Despair not in well doing, but delight in the work of an Evangelist. Preaching the good news of forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with GOD.


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