Slipping Into Nothingness

Back in 1993, I met David, a young man in a drug rehabilitation facility. David shared the following poem with me called “The Letter.” It talks about the effects of cocaine, which could just as easily be replaced with the word SIN. I never saw David again, he left before completing the program.  

The Letter

I was asked to write a letter, and I surely know why, 

but I’m going to make it a poem, or at least I’ll try.

It’s about cocaine, a drug I adore,

the effect is so great, it’ll make a woman a whore.

I often wonder if I’ll ever be true,

to be rid of this problem, Something I know I must do.

Being earnest is the first thing I’ll have to achieve,

praying faithfully to God, in Him I believe.

I couldn’t even mention all the things I have done wrong,

I’m just trying to change what I’ve been for so long.

It’s becoming so frightening, what this drug can do.

It destroyed great people, many families too.

While writing this poem, my heart goes out

to the woman I loved, and that’s no doubt.

She was special to me in many ways. 

Cocaine’s the reason we share no more days.

I often wonder what our life would be if she

had stopped using coke, and would have listened to me.

But now my life is all shambled and turned upside down,

but I have faith in God, that I truly have found.

But I’m working this thing just one day at a time,

in doing my best without committing a crime.

It’s hard for me, I’m hard-headed you know,

’cause coke is so good, especially with blow.

So, believe me when I tell you and it’s no doubt, 

one blast of cocaine and you’re on your way out. 

(Excerpt from “God’s Order of Operations”)

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